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                            Development and Application of Safety Box


                                   In the past two years, safety boxes made of engineering plastic materials have been commonly used internationally and used on the outer packaging of various types of test instrument boxes. The safety box has been widely used in various fields of economic life in the international market, especially in the army, medical rescue, radio and television equipment, public security fire protection, and machinery manufacturing. Under the influence, international security equipment exchanges and cooperation have entered a state of comprehensive and multi-field cooperation. International advanced security concepts and equipment have also quietly entered the mainland. Domestic manufacturers of security equipment and precision equipment have begun to pay attention to and apply safety boxes. , As the domestic safety box that mainly used aluminum alloy boxes and wooden boxes, iron boxes and other simple packaging and transportation equipment upgrade products in the past, its reliable waterproof, shock-proof, riot, sun-proof and other functional and practical features have been widely praised by users. In the face of the global environment involved in natural disasters, the widespread use of safety boxes has made the domestic security protection field seem to have injected a "strong shot". The precision equipment will no longer be damaged due to disasters and transportation, and the equipment will move. It seems convenient, fast and safe.
                                   As a product with special safety protection, engineering plastic safety box requires a high level of scientific and technological development in mold development and raw material preparation. Therefore, the cost of product development is extremely high. Currently, there are only a few domestic manufacturers that can produce safety boxes. The quality of the finished products varies, and the quality of the international advanced level is limited to one or two. Imported products such as Pelican, Harding and other products dominate the domestic safety box market, and their import transportation costs and manufacturing costs are also It is destined that the price of imported safety boxes will not drop. If it is used as a box material for industrial equipment, the price of its industrial products will naturally rise, which to a certain extent restricts the cost burden of precision equipment manufacturers, and at the same time , Safety protection boxes are generally used as supporting protection packaging for industrial products. Not only must the appearance and performance indicators of the safety packaging products be considered, but more importantly, the long-term nature of the safety protection packaging and the manufacturer’s after-sales service must be considered. The localization rate of finished products, some companies spend a lot of financial and material resources to develop precision equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and finally equipped with imported packaging, the localization rate is greatly reduced. From the stability of packaging products and after-sales service, etc., Domestic safety boxes have inherent advantages. The research and development, production and application of domestic safety boxes are imperative, and domestic brands will gradually replace or form strong competition with imported brands.

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