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                            Rotomolding technology still needs to absorb foreign technology for long-term development


                              At present, domestic and foreign rotomolding products are involved in industries including transportation, traffic safety facilities, entertainment, river channel dredging, construction, water treatment, medicine and food, electronics, chemicals, aquaculture, textile printing and dyeing, and so on. Rotomolding is the most economical and effective way to produce large hollow plastic products. To promote the application of rotomolding in China, it is necessary to absorb foreign advanced technology, develop more and better rotomolding materials, and improve the automation level of rotomolding equipment. , Shorten the mold design and manufacturing cycle.
                              In order to adapt to the new situation of increasing varieties of rotomolding products, increasing technological content of rotomolding products, and increasing demand for rotomolding products from all walks of life, the China Plastics Processing Industry Association has established a rotomolding professional committee. It aims to exchange production technology and experience of rotational molding process, digest and absorb advanced foreign technology and equipment, strengthen technical cooperation, promote the development of rotational molding process technology, processing equipment and molds in China, and research and develop special materials and products for rotational molding.
                            Container rotomolding parts. This kind of plastic parts are widely used in storage and supply tanks, water tanks, storage and transportation containers for various industrial chemicals, such as acid, alkali, salt, chemical fertilizer, pesticide storage tank, and chemical industry. Washing tanks, reaction tanks, turnover bins, garbage bins, septic tanks, domestic water tanks, etc. in enterprises, industrial coatings, and rare earth production.
                            Rotomolding parts for transportation, mainly using polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride paste resin, rotomolding various automotive parts, such as air conditioning elbows, vortex tubes, backrests, armrests, fuel tanks, fenders, door frames and shift levers Covers, battery shells, fuel tanks for snowmobiles and motorcycles, aircraft fuel tanks, yachts and their water tanks, boats, and shock absorbers between ships and docks, etc. The rotomolding process has injected endless imagination of the designers into the product. Designers can choose the best production materials during the production process, including various materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
                               The additives put in during the production process can effectively resist external objective factors such as the invasion of climate, the interference of static electricity and so on. In the design process, the insertion port, thread, handle, inverted device, and perfect surface design are one of the highlights. Designers can also design multi-wall molds, which can be hollow or filled with foam.
                              I believe that with the continuous progress of modern material industry and machinery manufacturing and automation technology, the rotational molding process will develop rapidly in China.
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