Small steps lead to big change!

1) GOALS:  Each Saturday, let’s set our intentions for the following week!
2) CHECK-IN:  The following Saturday let’s check back in with each other to share our progress & celebrate our victories.
3) FEEDBACK & SUPPORT:  Let’s help motivate each other as a team!

Would you like to be a part Project-Awesome?  Request access here.

2 comments on “GOAL-PARTNER
  1. Susan says:


    If you could please add the above url for My Writing Showcase for today’s goal. Please click on like for yourself. Just got my first blog “Why Eat Organic?” published at Bubblews News.

    Now for other half of the goals, Monday I go to Zumba. Looking for private personal training clients next week. Plans for moving. And workouts for the rest of the week. Thanks so much. Susan

  2. Teresa Thomas says:

    I would like to be added to this little list of yours. I need for someone to help keep me accountable for the things that I need to do around here. My sons are trying but, I’m not following through with them. Therefore, I need for someone to help me with it. Please…..

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