Goji Berries: What’s the Fuss?!

HIGH VITAMINS/MINERALS:1 serving =180% or recommended Vitamin A…………………..30% percent of vitamin C …………………….9% percent of Calcium ……………………15% percent Iron (For ppl on a 2,000-calorie diet). HIGH FIBERFiber is an indigestible carb that reduces the risk health issues like of colon cancer, constipation, Type 2

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Are your plastic bottles making you fat?

*HEALTH TIP* buy only plastic sports bottles that are BPA-free, and avoid buying canned soups and vegetables. Exposure to BPA — an estrogen-like chemical used in everything from plastic water bottles to the linings of metal cans and even the

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Tired? Fried? Foggy? It may be your adrenals.

The Adrenal glands have 2 parts: The inner part produces epinephrine and nor-epinephrine that deal with stress. (They’re neuro-transmitters) The outer part produces cortisol/hydrocortisone. (Not to be confused with the artifical steriod, predinsone: which is an immune suppressant).  You can’t

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100 Calories = …..

1/4 cup Kashi Cereal or 1 1/4 cups of Pineapple or 2 Cups of Baby Carrots or 160 Pieces of celery (Yes, ONE HUNDRED SIXTY 4″ pieces) or 4 Egg Whites or 3 oz Grilled Chicken Breast or 15 Almonds

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There is No Passion to Be Found Playing Small

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Anything is Possible

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Build Your Motivational Fire

Motivation is a force that compels us to action, but, when you’re feeling less-than-enthused, how do you MAKE yourself get motivated? How do you feed your motivational fire? It’s not easy. In fact, it’s almost like asking, “How do I

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I Am Beautiful

    Words are not neutral. They are filled with power. Embedded in our words are hidden messages to ourselves and others. Listen to the way you’re speaking. Are you negating your power without even knowing it? For example, “I

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Chat Recap: Mindfulness & Listening To Self

 “Food is much more than a bunch of chemicals. Food is energy and information.” Challenges Danitza: “I pack my lunch from home so they are good healthy choices but I know I eat too fast when I’m busy at the office”

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Chat 2: Increasing Mindfulness & Self Awareness

  Homework Did you do your homework?    🙂 No worries! If you missed your Commit-To-Awesome weekly update exercise here it is again: Two minute mindfulness      How to Be Present While Eating… Do you KNOW when you are hungry? Do you

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